The Ginkgo carpet......

Very cold last night and some snow (top right) which soon vanished as it rained soon after.  The golden Ginkgo of yesterday though is all on the ground today, but it is quite spectacular.  The robin (bottom right) then appeared on the verandah and how could I ignore it.
Yesterday's effort was all worthwhile, I had the best night's sleep for weeks.  Maybe if I had woken up earlier, I would have seen more snow :-) 
Not a lot going on, I did a load of washing this morning which is on the clothes horse, it should dry easily enough as the fire is on, and the radiators work morning and evening
My day off from the kitchen today as it is my fruit only day.  Just off now to have a hot cup of mint tea.

Thanks for the stars and fave yesterday, so appreciated.  Keep warm if you live in the North.  Take care everyone and please stay safe.

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