Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Just above freezing!

Sunday 28th November 2021                           (backblip)

A calmer day after the storm .... though there is still a fairly strong wind blowing.

We had snow overnight ..... just a covering but it then froze! Made things a tad slippery early on!

We decided to brave the cold & have our afternoon walk. Looking rather like Eskimos we set off ..... even well wrapped up there was no escaping the fact it was bitterly cold .... the wind felt like ice!

Only took a couple of photos ..... chose this one ... hope you like it :-)

We saw several birds including a Thrush but they were too busy foraging for food to agree to pose! ;-)

A good walk but we were pleased to get back home in the warm!

Stay safe everyone :-)

The government is bringing back mask wearing on transport & in shops ...... in my opinion they should never have stopped it!

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