By Flashcube

Sunflower Tangle

Last Monday the Physio from the pain management clinic rang me.
He went through his tick list of questions, then said, we can give you an assessment on the 23rd of December, there was nothing sooner, that's almost 4 months to get to that point, which is still weeks away, then will begin the next wait for an MRI, then the next wait before I actually get to see the consultant.

Physio: in the meantime stay active and get out for walks! 
What part of I'm struggling to walk does he not understand?

Me: But I've just told you I'm struggling to walk!
Physio: Do you have a dog?  
Me: No, I don't have a dog, why?
Physio: Well you could take the dog out for a walk.
Me: How is having a dog going to help me to walk? 
Physio: well short walks with the dog.
Me: I can't walk. I'm struggling to walk, and if I had a dog I would still be struggling to walk. 
Physio: okay, well we'll see you for that assessment in December.

(Head in Hands) FFS!  

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