MonoMonday - MM410 - Double Exposure

Double Exposure - I blended two photos together.

Still not out & about yet so tried a few things with the leaf including a duck nailbrush & wooden toy boat, but settled with the toy car.

The leaf was lungwort, maybe should have edited it with more contrast before trying to blend in the car with a little reflection. Not sure it really is zooming thru a leafy track :-o

Added frame to try to bring together.

First attempt at sewing for a week but my brain is still fuzzy.

Cabin fever is beginning to bug & isn't warm enough to spend any time in the garden other than to catch more chill.

Rained this afternoon & that took the last of the snow & overnight ice away.

Hope you're all cleaned up & not too many repairs, some folk still have no power, but okay here.

Thanks for the MonoMonday challenges this month.

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