By madowoi

Double Exposure

These short days can make it hard to take a photo of anything except things lying around the house. Since one of those things is me, I got a little silly and put together a double exposure (well, a triple exposure really) image for today's Mono Monday challenge. I didn't really have any underlying idea in mind, but of course after it was done I started contemplating poems about time, hoping I would come across something that might make it appear like their weird clock in my head was a more deliberate choice than it really was. No luck with that exactly, but this snippet struck a chord with me, probably as much because it got me thinking of my parents as for any other reason.

It is not to diffuse you that you were born of your mother and    
     father—it is to identify you; 
It is not that you should be undecided, but that you should be 
Something long preparing and formless is arrived and form'd in you, 
You are henceforth secure, whatever comes or goes. 

The threads that were spun are gather'd, the weft crosses the warp,    
     the pattern is systematic. 

The preparations have every one been justified, 
The orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments—the    
     baton has given the signal. 

The guest that was coming—he waited long, for reasons—he    
     is now housed, 
He is one of those who are beautiful and happy—he is one of    
     those that to look upon and be with is enough.

from To Think of Time, by Walt Whitman

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