A mountain range or rolling hills by moonlight, or just the result of a grinding experience?
The tiny cut on my finger that bled like a . . . (I’ll spare you that description) would give a clue, as would the shot at extra.
This morning, as I emptied the dishwasher, I discovered that we had gained a chip in one of our casserole lids.  You’ll be pleased to know that I stopped the flow of blood, and to my surprised the slit has sealed itself up already.  I haven’t healed that quickly in years!
I had ground the sharp edges off before I thought of the blip, but I think it works.  Illuminated by a single Cree torch from below.  The extra is a four shot focus-stack in PS.
Many thanks to Greg, aka Sheol, for hosting TinyTuesday.

ps - It wasn't until I did the thumbnail when publishing that I noticed how potentially rude this shot is . . .

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