By Beinghere

A Bad Hair Day

This is Forked spleenwort, according to my identify plant app, but I’m not sure if it’s correct.
It’s described as an evergreen, and this certainly is not.
Anyway, I spotted this on the shore and it reminded me of the wigs Maggie and I were trying on yesterday. There were several stones adorned with it. Some this colour and some darker.

We walked the Coastal Path to St Monans and back and when we were passing “The mineral” a small waterfall at the side of the path, Geordie dropped his ball over. It landed right at the bottom of the waterfall. I was looking down at it when a woman and her teenage son walked along. I explained what we were looking at and off her son went, down the rocks which were wet and slippery, to the bottom of the waterfall where he used our chukka (ball-throwing) stick to fish the ball out.
The interesting thing was that, while the boy was working out how to get down to the bottom, Geordie set off down, looking back at the boy as if to say, follow me. So the boy did. The Mum and I were fascinated by Geordie guiding the boy down.
We were delighted to get the ball back; Geordie because he gets attached to his balls, and me because Chukka balls are not cheap, and we lost one last week in St Monans harbour.

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