A very brave rose....

Temperatures -2C and maximum 7C today.  Everything, well mostly everything, in the garden has the droops but I discovered this rose which has survived two mornings of heavy frosts!
I apologise now if I get behind with comments.  I am heavily bandaged from foot to knee on my right leg and walking is painful, climbing the stairs to the office is also not that easy, but I am up here at the moment.  On Sunday a carpet slid under my foot and I hit the bed and opened my shin with some bruising.  Today, moving wood in the wheelbarrow I somehow managed to hit my leg in the same place very hard.  It immediately swelled up, and turned blue right down to my ankle.  Our GP said he could only see me at 19h45.  Poor man, he starts at 08h00 so I felt very guilty. Anyway, he cleaned it all up, put on a special dressing and bandaged the whole leg.  This now must be done every day for 10 days to try and prevent a thrombosis.  My mother had thrombosis several times and I do not want to repeat what she went through.  The pain in my leg has made me forget about the chest pain!!!!
I have a hairdresser appointment tomorrow at 2pm but I think Mr C is going to have to drive me there, also I must go to the chemist for a tetanus injection which the Dr says I must have.  I have not had one in years, so he insists I get it ASAP
Thankfully I had prepped dinner tonight before the drama started and we enjoyed an early meal of guinea fowl with mandarin sauce served with carrots, celery and mashed parsnips.  First time I have tried the latter and it won’t be the last.

I will keep up where I can.  Have a good remainder to the week and thanks for all the kind comments.

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