Nearly there…

About 3 weeks ago Arkensiel Photography mentioned defrosting her freezer. Since it was her comments a year or more ago about (I think it was) her fridge freezer making strange noises when the freezer needed defrosting that made me notice that mine was doing the same. And my goodness it certainly needed defrosting back then.
So when she mentioned the subject again I was reminded that maybe my freezer needed a de-frost and sure enough the drawers were difficult to pull out. I do occasionally worry what will happen if the fridge packs up since I guess there’s a shortage of fridge freezers as well as everything else. The worry being that I have several months of expensive medication in it! And once I decided a defrost might be needed I went into panic mode if I didn’t hear the motor start up regularly; which I generally don’t hear anyway because  the telly is always on!!
Defrosting the freezer is a job I hate, especially since I don’t ever use the freezer; it’s simply filled with cheap food and screwed up paper. 
But it had to be done and today was the day! Actually it wasn’t too bad and I was tempted to simply replace everything and let it carry on its merry way. But no. I did a full defrost so it’s good to go for at least another year.
What an exciting life I have!

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