It's all at the Co-Op (widwed011221)

UK blippers of a certain age may well remember the Co-Op advertising of the late 60s and early 70s when there were relatively few things available to buy and they probably would have all fitted into a Co-Op store. 

Things are very different now - the convenience store in Kineton has been bought by the Co-Op and I would probably say it is an improvement on the independent it replaced. The red-brick section to the left is part of the shop,  the white section to the right is their storage and delivery space. As you can probably tell, the building has been hacked about over the years,  but old photographs suggest it has always been a general store of one sort or another. Behind me is the Post Office - also recently bought by the Co-Op, so they are still sorting out what should go in which building as there is inevitably some duplication, but only the one in my blip stays open late.

This is by way of an insurance blip as Gill had taken the car to Leamington before I had realised the weather this afternoon was not looking promising for outdoor photography. A quick trip around the teeming metropolis of Kineton does not offer many opportunities for a Wide Wednesday blip of shop fronts :-)

In the extra, a triptych which covers a couple of the other shops, including the florist where you can buy a map for the Christmas Tree Trail.  You can most likely get one in the Co-Op too, useful as they stay open into the evening when most visitors are here.  The fruit and veg shop in the triptych has been stuck in limbo through the pandemic and is now slowly being refurbished.

Thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting Wide Wednesday on the theme of Shop Front(s).

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