By bgleyna

First Christmas Decoration

I’m a bit slow round here to get my Christmas decorations up - some places have started decorating for Christmas even before Thanksgiving! But I didn’t want to start till December at least! So this wreath was the first to go up.

I will back blip a couple of pictures I took at Thanksgiving because I was too distracted to post anything. It’s good to be back in our own beds again!
David has been fighting a cold since he got back. He insists it’s just a cold - he’s not had a fever. I wish we had the freely available Covid tests here like they do in England!
Daveen’s Pomegranate peel in his drinking water and other natural remedies have been helping.

I have been gradually dealing with the fallen leaves in the front yard. We have two massive oak trees, so on a windy day we have a lot of leaf drop. So I use the leaf vacuum to clear them off the paths and it mulches them, so I just empty the mulch onto the grass-less ground around the trees. The neighbors wonder why I don’t have bags of leaves at the curb after I’ve been using the vacuum.

I think a nice long walk will be in order later today.

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