By Ingeborg

Black and white

Can you believe that it's December 2021 already ?
I've spent so much time today going through my photo archives  that I didn't even take one single shot today until a moment ago. An Emergency Blip of something that's on the table at hand , an egg shaped tin with a modern graphic design , originally for fancy chocolate eggs, and something Jack likes to play with when we're having dinner together here in the weekends. It comes apart in three pieces and the top is stacked into the second part from the wrong end and the design partly reflected in the metal inside wall of that centre piece. Just to show that abstracts are everywhere :-) Tomorrow's Abstract Thursday has no theme, feel free to post whatever you like as long as it's abstract and made on the day ! The tag will be AT336

Thanks very much for the kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's head of garlic ! :-)

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