Another busy day

No idea where the time went. I understand I am slowing down but there just do not seem to be enough hours in a day any longer! Met a friend for coffee and then went to our 'old' swimming group which shut down due to Covid.  The pool has partially opened, put their prices up by 25% and we only met two of the 'original' group. It was wonderful to see the 'teacher' and know she's survived all the upheaval, but I can't see things going well if the pool continues as is. We were kicked out as soon as we were finished our session - so no coffee and chat, which to our age group makes such a a difference, when so many of us live on our own.
Back home I helped a friend clear out my garage as I have, hopefully, rented it out. The friend's stuff has been there for over 10 years and if she has not 'needed' it in that time, methinks she can get rid.
This all took a lot of time.... and before knew it it was dark and cold and wet!
So, as I'd opened a bottle of wine when the lads were here for supper I decided I'd better finish it and make a blip. Not very original but hey . . .

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