Two steps forward...

By stevvi

Southend Seafront

After Sunday’s morning’s Blip from the “Golden Mile” in Southend here’s another shot, from the same area, that I don’t much care for even though it appears to have all the right elements. Maybe it’s the clouds that make it look like the horizon isn’t straight... although I like that wonkiness and think they work with the beach/sea “triangles”. Anyway...

As with Blackpool, another quite depressing English seaside town, Southend’s “Golden Mile” refers to a stretch of the seafront where the majority of the amusement arcades, fairground rides, kiosks, pubs etc. reside. I would like to think it’s named with some sort of ultimate irony, especially after the recent flooding and sewage deluge, but know that’s very fanciful on my part.

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