By seizetheday

Lunch view

A busy day in a nice way!

Coffee with Jacqui (and Fletch) this morning.

In to Berwick with MrM at lunchtime. First stop was the fish & chip shop, and then to the Greenses Harbour, where (once again) we ate our lunch in the van whilst watching the waves crashing on to the rocks.

On the way to two DIY stores, we drove past the office building where I used to work - parts of the roof had been lifted by storm Arwen. The vet's surgery next door hadn't been so lucky - the roof was torn off altogether.

Next, the main purpose of the trip, MrM purchased cement and bricks, for the work don't ask in our bedroom, and we also bought lights for the darkest part of the hallway.

On the way back home. we called in to a local outdoor shop, where I tried on several waterproof jackets in an attempt to replace my present jacket, which is way past its best and no longer waterproof, despite reproofing. No luck, and lots of frustration. The arms were far too long on every single one of them. Grrr!

Yoga this evening. A demanding session, but absolutely hilarious!

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