By SamAgainPlease

Speaking of Brush Turkeys

I found it hard to pick which of these would be the main pic and which would be the extra.  Stumbled across both of these within metres of each other.

My mum turned 89 today.  She doesn't walk much but is lucky enough to have a "chariot" (as Dad calls it) so she can at least get about even though she needs help getting from the chair onto the chariot.  We (my partner, Mum and Dad and I) went up to the dining room used by people who are in the serviced apartments for the Sunday roast.  It's a weekly ritual they still practice.  The food's not that good / not that bad but at least it's one meal that Dad does not need to wash up after.

After lunch we braved the drizzle and drove / walked around the "village" down to the creek.  On the way I spotted the ducks, and on the way back, the brush turkey.

Lurline was talking about these interesting creatures just last week.

(And if you're wondering what's in the background behind the turkey, it's a penguin statue, or "garden gnome" as we call them in Oz.)

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