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By HarlingDarling

Mice in the hice (say it in RP)

Snowy, cloudy, peaceful, lovely slow Sunday - little scratchy noises.... mice in the top cupboard in the hall! Drat! That was the end of the peaceful era and the beginning of the work with little droppings all over the place and a live mouse rustling amongst the toilet paper stored up there. We store night lights and candles there too, and Mr and Mrs mouse had been chomping their way through a large number of the night lights. Cute little teeth marks all round the edges, they enjoy the wicks in particular, which means they can't be burned. Wasteful little rodents! So the top of the hall cupboard has been jemmied open and we are putting in floors and walls that are better than the wide open gaps the previous owner created, a sort of rodent M6. A trap is in place tonight. More work on that tomorrow.

In other news we had a nice bracing 12 minus degrees walk, I took this blip of happy Keith by the lake. Whilst togged up for the cold, on our return I set to and sorted out the wood-shed/barn/garden store which was in a total mess. It was a satisfying way to spend a couple of wintery dark hours. You can actually move in there now - and I have to say that most of the stuff wasn't mine... but the two broken lawn mowers are ours between us, and they are a big part of the mess. The plan is to get the best one serviced now when it's the off season (!).

There is now a neat a pile of Christmas cards waiting to be written, the letter is done and printed up, the addresses are on the envelopes. Progress! It's an enjoyable thing to do but the pile is a lot shorter than usual and I'm wondering how that will feel for the ones who just get an e-mail...

I have just chopped up a kilo of dried fruits and the raisins that have been in the glögg. Everything is now soaking in a drop of orange juice, and the glögg-sodden raisins are hopefully helping the figs to get softer. I need a lemon and an orange to take the zest from and then I can make a Christmas cake. I don't always, but this year I want to - and I found a recipe that sounded interesting, in the Guardian.

I have to get to my bed and do some sleeping, so see you tomorrow!

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