Now it is official - Santa is impaled

Oh a wonderful time was had going to find a Christmas tree. We walked all over the "forest" looking for that perfect tree. It was so sad to see so many trees damaged due to the high heat we had in the summer - that really limited the choices for everyone - at least a third of the trees on this farm didn't survive. As you can see we did find our tree. My sister and I rigged the lights and my mom and nephew started to decorate the tree.

To those who don't know - a long time ago Santa was an ornament on the tree where his legs and arms moved. One year it fell and broke. Not being able to fix it, we just glued it back together and put Santa on top of the tree. Every year since that is where Santa goes.

A lovely lunch with family, I tossed my nephew around like a sack of potatoes and strawberry shortcake (with strawberries grow in the backyard) for dessert. A really wonderful Sunday

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