Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Eeyore's eye

I have also backblipped yesterday's We got caught! ..... hope you will have a look .... thanks to those who already have :-)

Looking round for something that 'rhymes with Pie' I noticed Eeyore watching me ...... yay ..... that'll do nicely!

I took a couple of different photos of Eeyore's EYE ....... couldn't really decide which one I preferred so have added the other as an Extra .... hope you like them :-)

Thanks to Laurie for hosting Mono Monday this month :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

Mum is back at A&E again ..... no idea what is happening as we are not allowed to be with her .... hope to hear something soon! :-(

Update 19:00: Have heard from hospital that Mum has broken her hip ...... waiting for the orthopedic surgeon to see her. They will operate tomorrow or next day ..... will be with an epidural as she could not cope with general.

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