By Topsyturvy

Is it a ...

... G&T? Actually, no, it isn't! I'm on a pre- Christmas health kick so it's sparkling water for me (which I've come to love). However, the other object is a rather fetching black mask that was rustled up this afternoon in the hidey hole. I couldn't resist a more cheerful side to it so that'll be hidden for the concert performance but I can wear it on other occasions (when I can get over my dislike of black!).

I spent the rest of today researching a possible motorhome holiday to try before we consider buying. I say 'we' but I would be out there looking right now but LH is more tentative! That seemed to take more hours than I budgeted for, especially starting to research which campsites would even be open when we're hoping to go! Might be tricky.

I've procrastinated about trying on the various unloved black garments I've accumulated over the years as concert garb, mostly because I didn't want to waste money on more clothes that I'd wear so little. I had hoped that my efforts on the health kick front would give me a choice, but all I can say is that it was lucky I've reduced a little bit otherwise I really would have nothing to wear! Oops :-0

The wind has got up a bit but nothing like Arwen. Hope it's OK for others.

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