By Charente

Table decoration.....

We went out today with friends for a booked Xmas lunch.  Quite impressive I have to say. We had both pre-ordered the same, Prawn cocktail which had a lot of prawns and was meal almost on its own.  Neither of us is crazy about turkey so we ordered salmon.  It was a big slice of fish with roast potatoes, mash potatoes, roast parsnips, then also brought to the table were dishes of carrots, peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower.  Wow, so much food and all delicious.  I had a small bit of each just to taste it all.  Pudding was hot Christmas pudding served with custard and a mince pie on the side.  With this, we all had a glass of wine, (choice of colour) followed by coffee.  All for 25€ and that included a good Christmas cracker :-)
Out for lunch again tomorrow, but very upmarket and smaller dishes (though more expensive) which I will be happy to have.  Sadly, a goodbye lunch to friends returning to the UK.  We will miss them.
24mm of rain was measured this morning, and it rained again today quite heavily up until lunchtime.  We drove to the restaurant in the pouring rain, but came home with a few odd glimmers of blue sky.
I am retrying for an early night again tonight as last night did not quite work as planned, 03h00 I got up and took Anadin and made myself a cup of tea!!

Thanks everyone for caring and following, even though I am struggling to comment, you are all so appreciated.  Have a great day tomorrow and keep safe.

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