By dogwithnobrain

We're walking in the air....

Tonight Himself took me on a drive round town so that I could indulge in a little Christmas Light enjoyment. 

Oooh we had a lovely time.   New Estate all the neighbours are in competition...there are projections, snowmen, teddy bears, there's even a big blow up Homer Simpson. 

The town is a glow with angel wings and this year instead of the scary jack in the box from last year.   it's quite, quite lovely.  The shops are all lit up, it's all lovely. 

As we drove along Bentinck Drive, big houses, big trees, lots of lovely lights (there was one with two trees, over 30 ft high covered in trees)  Himself spotted the Post Box Lid.     

How pretty is this? 

(In the summer this Post Box had a beautiful lid on it - beach scene, sand, fishes, mermaid, palm trees... it got stolen..  Its on the back to teh station and some slightly tipsy kids on the way out of town probably took it and wore it as a hat on the way to Glasgow.    I hope this one doesn't get stolen.

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