Ambiguous Image

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Blurring and excessive glare virtually gone. Day 3, and much improved. Able to carry on more or less as normal. A fag administering eyedrops four times a day, but so so what.

Went out for a walk late morning. Wearing my Amazon wrap-around dark glasses. So pleased I bought them don’t need to worry about anything getting into my eye, and prevents me rubbing it accidentally.

On our return saw in the distance what looked like an elderly stooped man about to cross the road. As we got closer realised it was a twisted tree trunk. Looking at my BLIP can now also see

a) an expectant woman preparing to dive,
b) a woman with arms outstretched catching a ball.
c) a person sitting on a snake(?) head. The creature is swallowing his/her legs
d) person doing a headstand

p.m. Watched an American news channel reporting on the devastating tornadoes, and Sky News (Omicron). Hope you aren’t affected by either.

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