By iaint

Là na Sàbaid

Working on the Sabbath again. How can I redeem myself? Would it be enough to repent?

Yes, I was in the Office again ploughing my lonely furrow through the massed ranks of the stupid and selfish who are intent on questioning our leaders' motives in trying to save us from dying of Covid 19. 

They proudly announce their willingness to take their chances on their robust immune systems, without a thought for the others they will infect along the way. 

Do you want to know my thoughts on that fat blond t*rd in Downing Street? No... fair enough. Not on the Sabbath. 

After my usual Boots sandwich and salad for lunch, I went out for a brief wander before darkness consumed me. Across the street I discovered that the local orchestral society had sold out their concert this afternoon. Well done them.

Mind you, with the wind and brass section belting it out for all they are worth, I am not convinced 2 metres will save the audience from the big O. 

The Extra is a reasonable illustration of the nondescript day it turned out to be. 

Right, my oven must be almost done with those tatties. Time to fry up the courgettes, tomatoes and garlic to go with them. 

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