Thanks Terry!

Terry got me a new phone and he will have my S20FE. I've not had the S20 all that long but Terry was due an upgrade and he is letting me have the newer phone. He's a good lad.
I dread setting up a new phone though - might leave it till weekend!
Put the outside lights up (some around top of porch, some along front fence, some in our bigger lilac and some on the back fence. Also put the twig tree up in the porch, the Christmas cottage and a couple of other decs in the living room.
All were working fine before I placed them as I checked but when I put them all on at dusk the ones on the front fence have only a fraction of the lights lit and the rest of the line is dead! I couldn't be bothered replacing them today and ill do it tomorrow. I have several spare sets of lights due to buying them in sales. 
I hope that's all the lights and decs done apart from changing the duds.
Had to clean the whole of the porch before I put any lights up as the storms had made it filthy.
Have only been out for a short time today to post a birthday card at the sorting office, a brief visit to mum's and then the post office to buy some stamps for Christmas cards. 
Just thought that my step count will be abysmally low but I looked and it's 7,864 up to now! 
Looking forward to a geocaching trip tomorrow as not been caching for a while.
Have not been to the gym for a while as not keen on how fast the new strain of the virus is spreading - quite a few of the gym regulars are against vaccination.

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