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Bowood 2013 #2

Having decided that my next car would be a Hyundai i10, but not yet ready to part with Manfred, my extremely reliable and versatile Micra, I had established that the price I negotiated with the local dealers could not be bettered in the future, and that as the new car had to make its way over to the UK it would be three or four months anyway before I took delivery. The fact that the dealers were only five minutes drive away and could provide me with a loan car when they collected mine for repairs and servicing  was another deciding factor, so Christiescruffs came along with me to steady my hand as I signed on the dotted line.

That done, I returned home via Bowood. My project for 2013 is to regularly walk the grounds and record the views over the seasons, and it had already been a week since my first visit, though the weather had not improved.

As before, my first stop was at Tractor Ted's Little Farm. Winnie the pony had returned to  her owners but in her place were two young calves. The unseasonable weather had caused them to get a bit cold and so they had been given an injection, and this fellow was looking a bit shaken and bemused by the incident. The lambs were already considerably bigger than they had been the week before. The two girls in charge of the farm were very helpful and after I had taken this photograph through the wires of Peter Rabbit, they opened up the hatch for me to get a closer look and handle him.

I walked down to the Lake through the Capability Brown landscaped grounds, enjoying the tranquillity and sense of timelessness.


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