I'm off work this week and doing stuff round the house. Today I did some painting but it was so freezing cold in outside in the wind that I didn't do half as much as I would hope.

Today's blip is a close up of the name Purdy. I don't own a highly exclusive shot gun by James Purdey & Sons Limited, rather it's the name of an American brand of high quality paint brushes designed for modern water based paints. It's a Purdy Chinex brush, not cheap but a lot less than a shot gun!

During one of the vacations at University I spent several weeks working for a small chemical laboratory in Kendal. It was one of the best jobs I ever did and I nearly walked away from academia for a permanent job with the company... Anyhow the guy I worked for developed a fantastic water based paint system, it was brilliant and far superior to anything on the market at that time - the only snag being it was a nightmare to sell it!

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