The Store at Tai Tapu

On our way home from Akaroa we stopped off for some lunch. 

I had my operation to remove the thing from the side of my eye on Friday. The specialist was running behind so it wasn't done until 6:30pm. All seemed to go well. Looks like I have nine stitches.

John said he wanted to go over to Akaroa and would mow the lawns for me. We left on Saturday morning and came back this afternoon. He mowed the lawns and dug out a couple of dead plants, I couldn't do last time. Sure was hot yesterday with 34c where we were. Today it was 29c when we left around 11am.

My eye started to swell on Saturday from where I had the operation and it is starting to develop a bruise. I was told that would happen. Apart from that it is looking good. 

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