By BernardYoung

Bottle This Moment

“Below my window…the blossom is out in full now…
I see it is the whitest, frothiest, blossomiest 
blossom that there ever could be.”
“The nowness of everything is absolutely wondrous.”
- Dennis Potter on his heightened awareness of 
things, in the face of his imminent death.
(Interview with Melvyn Bragg on Channel 4, March 1994).

Friend, your road is impossible. Impassable.
And there is no going back. The immediate
future, such as it is, is all you have.
I weep for you.
But being a positive person
still alive with possibilities,
you journey on
determined to witness the ‘whitest,
frothiest, blossomiest blossom’
and to experience the wondrousness of now
and the ‘nowness’ of now will
flow through you, will vitalise you,
will make the greatest sense to you
I weep for you once more.

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