By Picturemull

View From The Top

My first bus journey in about 2 years, like a kid I sat at the front on the top of the double decker.  Felt like a treat.  I know it is a gamble travelling by public transport and the second leg from Oban to Glasgow wasn't such a treat.  A maskless group at the back of the bus were getting drunk and then started very heated arguments with threats of punching each others ******* heads in.  Very happy to get off at the Hillhead stop without that happening.  R's trip was worse, packed like sardines in the train from Leeds to Glasgow, at ones stage was having to sit on the floor in vestibule by the toilets as there was no way to move down the aisles to see if any seats in another carriage.  But it was so good to see her - the plan was to travel back to Mull in her car (she is a new driver so thought she could do with the company).  We both had FFP3 masks on so fingers crossed.


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