By PicturePoems

Winter solstice

On the shortest day of the year, I shouldn't be surprised that it was only about 3.30pm when these birds were heading to bed. Not sure what they are, but there were dozens of V-formation fly-bys. Wondered if they might have been gulls, perhaps the inland blackheaded variety? Hope somebody knows!

They had a clear run as this is a big sky above Lincolnshire, where we arrived this afternoon. Little Miss B was as pleased to see us as we were to see her. Apparently, she's up at 6am these days. As so often, she'd had no nap, but managed to see the day out happily till her 6pm bath and bedtime. Very quickly in the Land of Nod!!

Exhausted, but happy. And at last entering a Christmassy mood in our twinkly daughter's twinkly home!

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