Keith B

By keibr

A beautiful grey day

We didn't see the sun today, or any blue sky. The closest we got was some patches of lighter colour among the clouds, as seen in the picture. I can't say I noticed the extra 4 seconds of daylight as we move towards the long days.
We drove to the beach at Smitingen for a walk to Klubbsjö (sjö = lake). The beach was almost empty though we did see one couple at the far end, and were surprised  when the woman walked into the sea and sat down, so she was up to her neck in the, literally, icy water!  She stayed in a minute or two and then calmly walked out of the water and wrapped herself in a very fluffy gown!  I was impressed! I took another picture (the extra) which will join my series of the green benches on the beach.
After the beach it was the usual path to the lake. Just a dusting of snow but the path was really icy in places. We were both happy to be wearing studded shoes!
As expected the lake was well frozen. In places you could see the ice was at least 30cm (1ft) thick so I had no doubts about going for a wander or moving away from the edge to get a nice blip! A thin spread of snow gave the ice some visual texture.
Christmas approached rapidly but it feels as if we are fully prepared. Time to relax even more -  maybe we'll even watch a bit of tv!

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