If The Sopranos did Christmas

As the mind slowly detoxes from work, time to slide a couple of nice things into the daily routine.

First off, a Zoom with the ever-voluble Raheny_Eye, a man so unkempt I wish I'd never taught him English. To say he doesn't make an effort is to be unkind; he does make an effort - just in the same way Viz makes an effort to be politically correct. Thankfully his far superior half made an appearance and saved me. 

Afternoon took us off to the far hills of Gloucester where we did the most recent version of the Covid drop-off. Despite it being -22, we managed to keep Mitch outside for a long time - and even got to discuss soccer statistics with my godson. 

To those who take note: his "assist" tally at Laurentian should be double that recorded. His yellow card tally is a farce. And had he been playing as striker and not defensive midfielder... well, modesty precludes a public response.

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