A right Murky Walk

Hunted high and low for my cosy sallopettes for the dog walk as the weather was quite frankly sh*tty! Mr worst weather, grey sky, rain and cold. But I was glad I had to walk Saffy otherwise I wouldn’t have made the effort to go out. I couldn’t find the sallopettes so I donned two pairs of leggings and put waterproof trousers on top. Three layers underneath my waterproof jacket and a waterproof hat. It took me ages to get ready!

We walked for a couple of hours through muddy paths and came across a herd of Aberdeen Angus cows who ran to meet us. Saffy wasn’t impressed and gave some barks thankfully there was a fence as they followed us. And they were stinking!

Some wrapping and lower back exercises in the evening. My muscles started aching yesterday so some intensive exercises are needed.

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