By wingpig


I fished all my 2.5" hard drive enclosures out of the loft last night and set one to attempt to clone the laptop's drive before I popped to the shops at lunchtime, but it was still reporting more than a day to go by the time I'd finished work for the day and sorted out the kid's foodstuffs, so I popped out for a more modern HDD dock once everyone was ready for bed. One day this holiday I'll have to try and index the contents of those various former internal drives which still work, with the eventual aim of de-duplicating anything worth keeping; I'm reasonably certain that my main photo and music stores are always the current up-to-date newest form when they're the first thing copied across to each new external HDD or NAS, but there are a few extra folders here and there from old phones and bike cameras which might only exist in one place.

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