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By iamrosco

Hello Aiko

Not sure what time it is, actually I'm not entirely sure what day it is. Anyway, after a long flight and a jump in time zones we're here. Now for some new things to photo.

It didn't take long, as by early afternoon we had experienced our first earthquake. A shift in the floor, back again, then a bit more. To be fair it was only confirmed later on over dinner with Aiko when she asked if we felt it - apparently in her office (on the 16th floor) it was quite obvious.

Great seeing Aiko, and eventful on our first trip to Yushima - a new place for our local guide too. She'd booked a yakitori restaurant for us and as we turned into the street we were met by quite a crowd. On closer inspection there was a fire in the building opposite and the street was cordoned off. After a brief call with the restaurant (who wasn't aware that there was a fire outside, or that his place was bound in security tape) we found a slightly nearer piece of security tape to duck underneath and swiftly into the place before the fireman could question us. Phew.

Oh, and the food was delicious. Great choice Aiko, thanks.

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