a lifetime burning

By Sheol


I couldn't find a collective noun for linnets, so I'm sticking with the term "flock" for this group on the wing.  

The torrential rain of this morning gave way to some misty sunshine for a bit this afternoon and I grabbed the opportunity to go for a walk, in the hope that I might surprise the buzzard that Bish and I saw yesterday.  True to form it was in roughly the same area, but once again flew just out of lens range as soon as it saw me.    While I forlornly waited behind a tree, in the hope that it might come back, I took the opportunity to photograph a flock of linnets that was feeding on seed heads.  Its surprisingly difficult to do, as you really need to identify one of them as your point of focus and then ignore the rest.

I've added the buzzard as an extra, not because its a decent shot, but rather just to prove that it really exists!

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