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By HarlingDarling


This is the lid of our postbox, decorated by me with a bit of embossed metal with our names on it. The other label says "no adverts, thanks!", which is a good thing as the box would otherwise be full on a regular basis. Very wasteful. Our postboxes are gathered in a long line in the middle of the village, about 2 minutes walk from our door. A bit of a trek if you get the daily newspaper, but we don't!

It's been a recovery day to be honest. Not sure what we are recovering from, as it was a gentle Boxing Day and a nice long sleep, but we have had a quiet day. A good walk in the nippy sunshine was achieved, amidst the loveliest crystal glistening on the trees. Minus 10 and obviously damp enough air to be creating hoar frost. Everything was a bit velvetty, including the postbox!

Drawing happened eventually, but my usual morning session was replaced by nearly three hours of translation of some texts on intersectionality and pedagogics. All a bit ho hum, but it keeps my brains working. I don't really need to work at all, since I have my art grant pension but I do the occasional bit of something for ex-colleagues if they call. And if there is no stressful deadline involved. I don't like deadlines these days...

A rather low energy day seems to be drawing to an early close. We just spoke to Claire who will arrive on Thursday to celebrate the start of 2022 with us. We tidied things up in the red house, mainly putting the contents of the van into some sort of order and "hiding" the boxes of stuff. The heating has been turned up from a pretty arctic 1°C (!) we usually aim for between 5 and 10 degrees, but it's been very cold lately...

I'm trying to get into a Le Carré novel, A Legacy of Spies - but I'm finding it hard to keep track of all the blokes. I read some summaries of other novels that are referenced in this book, and became yet more confused by all the blokes. Now I have realised I should have looked at a different novel to find my bearings, The Spy Who Came in From The Cold. I'll have a look at it before returning to the novel, and hope for the best. I quite enjoy his writing, but somehow it isn't as much fun as the latest book I read, which was set in my area and felt more familiar and much more believable. I read so little these days, compared to when I was working. Then I read for an hour or so every night... now I find other things to spend my time on, and by the time I open the book I'm sleepy....

Anyhow, this is the postbox which I chose for my blip. There were plenty of other contenders but I felt this was one particular little snapshot of life here in the village, and now I've recorded it. 

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