By GillyS

Boxing Day

A lovely Christmas Day at youngest daughter Hayleys house. They really had gone to so much effort to make it as special as it possibly could be.
Eldest daughter Em, with Mya and Zac also came down from Knutsford so was wonderful to all be together on Christmas Day. The 4 dogs eventually sorted themselves out.. ems 2 shitzus, H’s spaniel conker, fell in love with our little old lad, without going into detail, I think Barneys still a little traumatised..
Later, Sams parents & 2 little sisters joined us for a Christmas quiz.
The winning team, still being debated due to the amount of “festive cheer” consumed…
Boxing Day foggy, freezing footy match between 2 villages, Sibford ferris & Sibford gowers.
SIL Sam roped in grandson Zac 14, ( who has a 2 year contract with Liverpool),((I may have mentioned it before)), to play on the ferris side. Long story short, S scored from a penalty, an Z scored a hat trick… SF 6 — SG 2. The teams were invited to pub for mulled wine and mince pies.
Mulled wine is an abomination in my book, I mean, why…. No!
Anyway, back to H & S’s to warm up and have Boxing Day buffet. then back home.
Em, Z &M stopped with us for the night then left after lunch.
Extra is Sil Sam, Zac, George & Minnie.
So it’s over for another year. Whilst I’m an old Christmas cynic, was so lovely to be all together for a couple of days.
I hope you all had a great day too.

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