By MarilynParker

Geocaching in Tawd Valley Park

We met up at noon to miss the (torrential) rain, hopefully and luckily it worked out well. Our plan for today was a 5-stage adventure lab and a bonus geocache. Many of the paths were very good and only the one right by the river was very muddy - we've walked a lot worse than that though.
It was a lovely area so we enjoyed the walk.
One of the stages we made much harder than it was intended as the question we had to answer was really straightforward but we over-complicated it by far. We had tried many different answers when margaret said to try a word which was really simple and when it was correct we all fell about laughing!
It wasn't a big walk, around 3 miles. We used to be able to walk 10 miles without getting tired and now we rarely manage half of that! It's not easy getting older.
Heading for one of the satges we hit a problem in that the path was cordoned off and signs saying only authorised personnel, machinery, hard hat area etc. Due to the holidays there was nothing happening - no workers, no machinery, nothing at all unsafe so we took the newly trodden path to bypass the fencing otherwise we'd have had to find a circuitous route. Lucky that we chose to do this while nothing's happening.
At the end of the walk, we had our drinks back at the cars (flasks) and a chat before heading home. "See you next week" - "see you next year".

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