By randomgirl

Ice and lights

A double exposure. Don't ask me why....I'd never tried it before. It's fun!

I was just playing around with a couple of very different photos I'd taken today, but wasn't completely sure how much I liked either of them.

One is of an ice encased flower skeleton with a gloomy background, that I thought summed up the weather and feel of the day. It was wet and grey, and slightly warmer today, but the ice had so far refused to melt and it was kind of the worst of both worlds, because the ice was proving slippy and dangerous but there was also no sunshine to help make the day more cheerful.

The other was taken through my car's front windscreen this evening, while waiting in the centre of Inverness to pick my daughter up. The Christmas lights on that street are a bit underwhelming, but I had some time to spare  (for a few minutes anyway!) so thought I'd have a go at getting some night time shots.

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