The Way I See Things



I made some vegetarian 'sausage' rolls this afternoon, as a contribution towards an upcoming birthday party. A slightly risky project, because it's a recipe I haven't used for about a quarter of a century, but they looked and smelled pretty good when I finished assembling them and stacked them in the freezer. Time will tell!

I had some puff pastry left over at the end, so I defrosted some cooked turkey, rummaged around in the fridge for odds and ends of vegetables and such, and made a Christmas leftovers pie for dinner. This gained me valuable Domestic Goddess points, because R loves a leftovers pie. I'm now glowing with righteousness and self-satisfaction... or maybe it's red wine. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Before I go, I must say thank you to everyone who approved of Mr Tumnus yesterday. I'm very happy that you liked him as much as I did.

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