Transmission mode only..

By Mobius


..awaiting new ones. Picture as taken.

A new dog route variation today. Very pleasant in 15°C today, barely seeing another soul, and no rain!

We really enjoyed watching "Don't Look Up" on Netflix yesterday. Thanks Freespiral for the recommendation. 

Enjoyed blasting out a few of "my" albums on my hifi last night with Mrs M out at the spa; the ones where joint listening is not an option. John (times two) - Nocturne; Killing Joke, Slow Worms and a 45rpm, UK Subs -  Party in Paris.

A rugby club old boy I've never met, gave me a call about depression and chronic pain, from my club website details the other night. He found a few words of my experience and knowledge, very helpful and left the call feeling much better. As you may have experienced, medical consultants naturally tend to focus on their specialist areas and depression and it's frequent link to chronic pain is not currently that well understood. A good feeling, as always to have helped someone. I'll see how he gets on.

and wishing all my fellow blippers a VERY HEALTHY & HAPPY 2022 x


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