The Snowman

I recently mentioned, on a Blip about time, that it seemed like 20 years since we left Saudi Arabia after living there in Riyadh, Jeddah and then Riyadh again, for 8 years. In fact it was 32 years last November!
I was thinking of that when I wound 'The Snowman' up for Isabella and Harriet this evening.
He was given to us by a very good, and dear, friend out there who we kept in touch with on our return for years, and also still in touch with her daughter. She bought it for us while in Saudi so he is well over the 32 years since our return. 
The children love it, I've had to glue the bottom back on a couple of times after young fingers have pulled it apart, but he is still working. It's amazing that he is still in one piece really as he's been around while all 8 grandchildren have been very young, and some still are of course.
Just looked up Alud Jones 'The Snowman', I didn't realise he didn't actually sing it in the animated film, but his version is still the best known, plus he apparently made £millions from it. He recorded it when he was 15 years old. He is now 51 and presents daily on ClassicFM.

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