By janescanlan

Hogwarts Bridge

I can thoroughly recommend the Harry Potter studio tour. It is truly amazing how much work goes into making these movies. There are some genuine surprises as well but I won't ruin them here.
This is N & F on the Hogwarts Bridge. F is dressed as Hermione and is wearing her hair early-Hermione style. It was very cold out on the backlot but it didn't stop us having a butter beer.
No trip is complete without a wander around the merchandise. F got a chocolate frog, chocolate wands for her friends, a poster & jelly beans (including vomit, bogey, earthworm, dirt & rotten egg flavours). I haven't gone near them!
I took a ridiculous amount of photographs so I made a quick snap decision which one to post.
Oh and butterbeer is delicious.

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