By Hyperion

Today's Theme is Two

I had almost forgotten it was Sunday today, until I heard the church bells. I love the sound, which resonates across the valley. This morning they seemed charged with a new energy and vitality. While I was looking out of the window and listening to the peels, I saw two magpies on the fence. Then I saw two very plump-looking wood pigeons. When I went to get my old binoculars, I saw two goldfinches from a flock that regularly settles in one of the sycamore trees. Then I saw two blue tits in the birch trees at the bottom of the garden. Odd that all the birds I saw in this short period were in twos. Even binoculars have two refracting telescopes mounted side-by-side. For today's blip I took a photograph of my binoculars and combined it with an image I found in a now rather old bird book. I didn't realise until afterwards that the binoculars still had sand in the eye piece from a summer trip to the beach.

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