tempus fugit

By ceridwen

January 1st

1777 Steady frost, snow on the ground.
1779 Storm all night...  Great damage is done both by sea and land.
1780 Ice is very thick.
1785 Much snow on the ground.  Ponds frozen-up & almost dry.
1789 Snow thick on the ground. 
1790 Frost, ice, sun, pleasant, moon-light 

2022 12C/54F in West Wales, sunny. Folk stroll on beach, many enter the water wearing very little.

The first seven entries are by Gilbert White,  the country parson who recorded the  weather and the changing seasons in his garden and his Hampshire parish over a number of years in the late 18th century. With his nature notes and observations he effectively established the science of phenology: recording the date of natural events annually over time.

The final entry is mine of course. 


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