First Ride 2022

Thanks to Marlane I got my first ride of 2022. Not far, just about 18 miles in all but it was nice to get out.
She had ordered a couple of backpacks from Argos, which is located inside Sainsbury's supermarket, but they didn't have it in Gloucester so I rode to Cheltenham to pick them up.
Wonder what they thought with this leather jacketed 'Biker Bloke' wandering off with two Pink, Rainbow Unicorn, backpacks. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
When I got home Marlane said that I'd been a long time, and did I go for a ride. Not that she'd mind, just worries if I'm a bit too long.
I protested my innocence with "No, of course I didn't go for a ride. However, the Harley Davidson showroom is on the way there, and on the way back so had to pop in at least once"  :-)

We had everyone around again today, briefly after they'd all been to a softplay place. Julia had updated flight reporting details which means she has now gone off, with the girls, to do the check-in and drop off the baggage. She'll be back for a bit of sleep before we go with just the hand baggage in the middle of the night.
We all watched Toy Story, and Snow White this afternoon, they seemed to enjoy that.

P.S. by the way, the photo was obviously not taken by me, but with my phone. One of the salesmen saw me taking a photograph of my bike (see Extra) and came out and offered to take one of me with it. I had put my helmet in the top box but hadn't closed the lid!!

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