By AnneILM60

Hyacinth at the mailbox

Alas this pretty hyacinth poking up at the mailbox is not going to survive the night.

It may have been 70°F/21°C at 7:30 this morning but by 8:30 this evening it was 38°F/3°C and we are forecast to get as low as 28°F/-2°C tonight. And those temperatures don’t take into account wind chill. The wind has been strong with good and strong gusts.

Today we put up another shelving unit and I got my crafting tubs up off the floor. I left Kent to decide what he wanted to put where on the remaining shelves.

I brought two of my Christmas tubs into the living room and put whatever decorations belonged in them, away. Kent then put those two tubs up the attic.

Beginning to see a dent being made in all this! Woot woot.

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