By MarilynParker


All ready for the geocaching trip tomorrow. Expecting a very cold day. I don't mind the cold, it's the rain I get fed up with.
Went for blood test today so thought I'd ring a couple of places to see if any lateral flow tests but had forgotten phone. Called at Tesco and Boots - still none!
This is ridiculous now.
Tried ringing a few pharmacies this afternoon - just ringing and ringing, nobody answering.
Tried countless times to order online but no delivery slots available.
Watched the first 2 parts of Anne last night. Harrowing. Very well done and excellent acting.
We are part way through watching Stay Close on Netflix as a lot of it was filmed in St Helens, some of it very enar where we live.
We are also watching The Tourist with Jamie Dornan. Some of the Australian characters are rather dim - I'm sure there are not so many dopey ones in one town in real llife!
Looking forward to a distraction on the caching trip tomorrow!

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